Traffic webcam from Moncloa square pointing to Calle Princesa. This street and its most known extension Gran Via, is one of the most commercial and leisure streets in Spain (Shops, Malls, Cinemas, Theatres and much more).

View of Mayor street from La Puerta del Sol square (Sun Gate). This square hosts the ‘0 Kilometer’, where all the radial roads start in Spain. It is also the main meeting place to celebrate the New Year in Spain (Las Campanadas).

The Aqueducto de Segovia is one of the best preserved monuments built by romans in the old Hispania (Original name ofSpain) and probably in Europe. This monument, obviously not used anymore to transport water, split the city if Segovia in two parts. The term aqueduct comes from the Latin aqua (“water”) and ducere (“to lead”).…

At the bottom we can see Los Alamos beach. This beach is ideal for families but it is the furthest to the centre of Torremolinos. It can also be a bit noisy due to airplanes flying over. This cam is also available in motion.

Image taken at Santo Toribio street, in Vista Alegre, Santander, Cantabria, Spain. Santander bay position makes it ideal for practising all kind of water sports.

Panoramic view in east direction over the harbour to the La Seu cathedral.