This webcam is located in Plaza de la Constitución (San Lorenzo del El Escorial) . This cam is updated every 30 seconds.

This webcam looks over Deangate towards the south facing door of York Minster, the largest gothic cathedral in northern Europe. A sculpture of the Roman Emperor Constantine The Great can be seen in front of the grassy area.

Travel Webcam in Wien, Vienna, Austria. This webcam shows Burgtheater, Saint Peter’s church and Saint Stephen’s Cathedral (background), Minoritenkirche and Saint Michael’s Church (on the right).

The Aqueducto de Segovia is one of the best preserved monuments built by romans in the old Hispania (Original name ofSpain) and probably in Europe. This monument, obviously not used anymore to transport water, split the city if Segovia in two parts. The term aqueduct comes from the Latin aqua (“water”) and ducere (“to lead”).…