Svalbard Webcam, Longyearbyen
Photo taken 234 days ago (Camera connection problem)
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Travel Webcam in Svalbard, Longyearbyen, Norway. This webcam shows a view of the city of Longyearbyen the largest settlement in this Arctic Island.

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  1. Mohammad Mohsin Zaidi

    The scene reminded me the days in early eighties when I was serving on M.V. MONTARIK, a coal freighter that took voyages between mainland and Svalbard. At the end of each season on the last voyage there will be party on board attended by the local residents. At that time it was called the largest gathering in town. I still remeber the never ending day and later perpetual darkness. Strange and memorable experience.

  2. Capt. Javed Munir

    Mohsin Sahib…Indeed it was an experience of life time sailing between Longeryearben and Moirana on the mainland Norway…This clip is actually from the BBC program Frozen Plant which I watch regularly…The experiences on board Montarik were unbelieveable with circumpolar sun during summer and midnight sunsets at the time of autum equinox and the Northern lights, Arrora Borlias, nature at its most beautiful and extereme..

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