Greenland Webcam, Ilulissat Glacier
Photo taken 233 days ago (Camera connection problem)
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Webcam view of Disco Bay with icebergs from the Ilulissat Glacier in Greenland. See live how fast ice is melting due to global warming.

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  1. Finn Dalgård

    This is NOT a webcam showing a glacier. It is portraying the Disco Bay with icebergs from the Ilulissat Glacier floating in it – as they have done for centuries and will do for many decades into the future.
    Only a trained glaciologist will from the size and shape of the icebergs be able to conclude anything at all about the condition of the glacier itself, which through the last two centuries has gradually retracted from a position that is shown by this webcam to it’s present situation more than 50 kilometres from here.

  2. alfonso

    Thanks Finn for the correction. I have modified the webcam description accordingly.

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